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Top Real Estate Agents for Millennials in Los Angeles

Top Real Estate Agents for Millennials in Los Angeles

Due to its vibrant culture and diverse job market, Los Angeles is a magnet for millennials seeking to embrace urban living and better work opportunities. According to Zippia, millennials account for roughly 21.75% of the population in the US today. Among the homeowners in the US, a study by RentCafe indicates that approximately 52% are millennials.

William Huston, AIF®, AIFA®

William Huston, AIF®, AIFA®

As more millennials aspire to become homeowners, it is essential they are aware that navigating the Los Angeles real estate world solo can be quite challenging, especially for first-time millennial homebuyers or those who are new to Los Angeles.

Working with a qualified and experienced real estate agent when looking for a house in Los Angeles is very important as they will offer you guidance during each step of the real estate process.

Key Takeaways
  • Many millennials are motivated to move to and live in Los Angeles due to its vibrant culture, warm climate and a diverse and growing job market.
  • In the US today, it is reported that millennials account for roughly 21.75% of the population. Among the homeowners in the US, a study by RentCafe indicates that millennials make up roughly 52% of this demographic.
  • Some of the top real estate agents for millennials in Los Angeles are: Ila Corcoran, Aaron Kirman, Chris Cortazzo, Dawn Hicks, Jade Mills, Josh Flagg, Monica Rivera, Stephanie Younger, Tomer Fridman and Veronica Recinos.
  • If you're a millennial looking to buy a home or invest in real estate, working with a qualified real estate agent is essential as they will guide you on each step of the way.

The contents of this article are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to be a source of professional real estate advice. You will find experts on real estate investing here.

Top real estate agents for millennials in Los Angeles

If you're a millennial looking to buy a home or invest in the Los Angeles housing market, here are the top real estate agents that you should consider working with.

Ila Corcoran
Ila Corcoran

Ila Corcoran is a licensed Realtor and the SVP of Real Estate Operations and Advisory services at Bay Street Capital Holdings. Her real estate journey has taken many forms, from apartment management and leasing to property management. She has worked in both commercial and residential real estate but her passion lies in residential real estate.

By working with aspiring homeowners, Ila is able to help individuals and families create security through housing and homeownership. Regardless of whether you're looking for a house in the wealthiest neighborhoods or in downtown LA, as a potential millennial homebuyer, Ila can help you:

  • Find suitable properties that match your needs and budget.
  • Arrange property viewings allowing you to view the properties in person.
  • Negotiate offers from the seller to secure you the best possible deal.
  • Come up with a strategic plan for investing in real estate.
  • Customize a strategy considering factors such as your investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • Select specific properties or real estate assets that align with your investment objectives.
  • Diversify your real estate portfolios to spread risk and maximize returns.

She is a holder of a Bachelor's degree and 2 minors from California State University Long Beach, and also has an active Real Estate License. As a top producer, Ila has managed to close $10.4+ million in real estate deals and secured more than $2.2M in AUM during her first 6 months as a licensed investment advisor representative.

As the SVP of Real Estate Operations and Advisory services for the firm, she offered support in securing funding for Resthaven Properties, a newly launched private equity fund. She managed to raise $25M from investors who share the same vision of providing safe and accessible accommodation options for people in diverse communities.

During her free time, Ila enjoys working with apartment communities across Los Angeles and the non-profit housing space dedicated to serving those experiencing homelessness.

Ila is keen on meeting clients where they are and helping them achieve their real estate goals, whether it's buying a house or investing in real estate. If you're a millennial looking to work with a top Realtor in Los Angeles and the greater Southern California region, then schedule a session with Ila here.

Aaron Kirman

Aaron is one of the top luxury real estate agents in Los Angeles and the general Southern California region. Over the past 20+ years, he has managed to move from being just a salesman to a serial entrepreneur thanks to the launch of Kirman Capital, a branch of the Kirman Group that is focused on investing in early-stage technology startups in the real estate industry.

His knowledge and expertise in selling luxury property has enabled him to sell some of the most luxurious properties in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu. He works with a team of over 80 agents and a staff of 15.

Chris Cortazzo
Chris Cortazzo

Born and raised in Malibu, Chris Cortazzo is a renown real estate agent who specializes in real estate in the Malibu area. For 29+ years, he has worked with countless clients, including celebrities and high-profile business leaders to sell them luxury homes that cost six and even seven figures.

His knowledge, integrity and passion have enabled him to work and retain some high profile clients in his portfolio. In the course of his career, he has managed to close $8 billion+ in career sales. During his time at Coldwell Banker®, he was ranked as the No. 1 top-performing sales associate nationally and internationally out of more than 92,000 Coldwell Banker® sales professionals for 10 years in a row.

During his free time, he enjoys surfing and being in the company of his family, friends and pets. As a philanthropist, he supports various organizations like the Malibu Boys & Girls Club, UNICEF and the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Dawn Hicks

Dawn Hicks is a Realtor and the head of Dawn Hicks Real Estate Group. Together with her team, Dawn's focus is on helping people achieve their dream of owning real estate. Over the years, she has managed to build a reputation for excellence, trustworthiness and excellent service. She mainly serves clients in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego and the greater Southern California region.

Regardless of whether you're a first time homebuyer or experienced investor, Dawn is keen on providing all her clients top notch service while paying attention to their needs, goals and preferences. She works with the understanding that the home buying process can be complicated and so she strives to make it as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

Jade Mills
Jade Mills

Ranked the #1 Agent Worldwide for Coldwell Banker and the #5 Agent Worldwide for all Brokerages, Jade is a renown luxury real estate agent who serves real estate clients throughout Los Angeles including areas like Beverly Hills, Bel Air and the Hollywood Hills.

With over 30 years experience in the real estate industry, she has managed to achieve $8+ billion in career sales and she also serves as the Co-Chairman of the International Luxury Alliance, an elite network of professionals that is focused on providing top notch services to their clients.

In addition to being a real estate agent, Jade also serves as a board member on the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and is on the Board of Governors at Cedars-Sinai.

Josh Flagg

Josh Flagg is among the top luxury real estate agents in Los Angeles with 3+ billion in residential real estate sales over the past decade. Aside from working with high net worth individuals, Josh also represents some of the most reputable builders, developers, business managers and attorneys in the Los Angeles real estate industry.

As a result of his work, he has been recognized by major media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter and Forbes.

He also sits on boards of different charities including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Temple of the Arts.

Monica Rivera
Monica Rivera

Monica Rivera is not only a Realtor but also a #1 Best-Selling Author. She currently serves as the Manager of Growth for the West Coast at Sotheby's International Realty covering the Los Angeles metro area, Santa Barbara, Carmel/Monterey/Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Wine Country regions.

Growing up in a family of Realtors and investors, Monica started out in property management and then branched out on her own into the real estate business. Her passion is to use real estate as a way of creating legacies of multigenerational wealth. In addition to being a Realtor, she is also an investor in a tech based start-up focused on providing services to people in the Latinx community.

She has been featured on various media outlets such as Channel 5, NPR and Huffington Post.

Stephanie Younger

Stephanie is a top Los Angeles real estate agent who works with her clients to help them fulfill their vision and meet their goals. She is known for her determination, effective communication and tenacity. She mostly serves clients in Westchester, Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista and the surrounding areas. Her background in sales, event planning and hospitality have helped her provide excellent services to her clients.

She has been featured in various news outlets including The LA Times, The Argonaut and Curbed LA.

Tomer Fridman
Tomer Fridman

Tomer Fridman is the co-founder and managing principal of TFG International at Compass Beverly Hills and Co-chairman/Founder of Israel Sothebys International Realty. With $6+ billion in career sales, Tomer specializes in luxury real estate in the Los Angeles region.

His success in the real estate industry is a result of his integrity, discretion and ability to navigate complex real estate transactions. Tomer has been featured on major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Financial Times.

Veronica Recinos

Veronica is a Los Angeles based Realtor and the CEO and owner of Monton Group Real Estate Investment Company. The real estate company works to help its clients buy or sell their homes, as well as invest in real estate. In her capacity as a Realtor, she helps home buyers negotiate and close real estate deals in the California area.

She went viral on the internet thanks to a brilliant commercial she did for Century 21 Home & Investment. In the commercial, she invited people to attend a seminar on moving from renting to homeownership.

She is also the publisher of Enerm The Victorious King Of The West which is available on Amazon.

Bay Street Capital Holdings

Bay Street Capital Holdings

Bay Street Capital Holdings is a leading Black-owned financial planning firm that specializes in wealth management and investment advisory. Founded by William Huston, who has been recognized as one of Investopedia's Top 100 Financial Advisors from 2021-2023, Bay Street was founded to advocate for founders from diverse communities.

As a result of their collaboration with Resthaven Properties in the real estate sector, Bay Street was recognized as a finalist in the Wealthmanagement.com 2023 Industry Awards under the category of Asset Managers: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions.








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