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We are honored to be recognized for our accomplishments and our financial performance

I came upon Bay Street Capital Holdings from a google search and the ratings don't even begin to scratch the surface. While feeling hopeless and defeated with one conversation with William, he reassured my husband and I that we would be able to secure a loan for our first home purchase. After William put us in contact with Arnaldo, we were off to the races. This company gave my husband and I so much good information, resources and the confidence to be able to move forward. Since this post we've received numerous outreach from lenders, but our confidence and loyalty remains with William and his team. I encourage all to seek out his guidance because you won't be disappointed.

Shannon R.
on January 19, 2022

We want to thank Mr. William Huston for being so knowledgeable helpful. We are not his client but he took his time on the phone and kindly listened to my questions about my husband pension package. With his advice, I was able to fill out the package. We really appreciate his kindness and looking forward to work more with him in future.

Mitra C.
on January 12, 2022

"This is the best news! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now we need to find a house lol. Nice to meet you Tony! Arnaldo - You have literally changed our lives. Thank you so very much."

Shannon R
on January 11, 2022

William is very knowledgeable and wants to help prepare you and your family for the future. I am so thankful for all of his advice and look forward to growing my investments with his firm.

Elizabeth G.
on December 27, 2021

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your taking my questions regarding my own financial goals. As regular retirees, my husband and I have always felt so fortunate to have gotten to this "coming of age" milestone in our lives. Unfortunately we've overlooked plans for building beyond life's accomplishments - like an investment portfolio for growth in the future. Bay Street Capital Holdings sounds like a great organization. I'm impressed with your commitment to working with BOTH partners in a financial partnership. As you pointed out, that level of commitment and cooperation results in the most promising outcomes for both partners involved (an important quantifier for lasting success). Thank you again for making time to talk with me out of your busy schedule. I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Romanáh H.
on November 26, 2021

Where do I even begin! William was amazing throughout both of our phone calls. He introduced me to the best options for my daughter and how to invest for her future. I've never experienced someone who genuinely wanted to make sure I got the information I needed and some. He went out of his way to break things down for me and show me how investing works. I must admit, I had no idea how investing works or that there were even other ways besides what little I knew about the stock market. William, I am truly grateful to have worked with you and look forward to us working more together. To anyone looking, look no further, William is your guy and he will help you to where you need to go. Highly recommend!

Christine A.
on August 03, 2021

We LOVE Ekenna. He is our guy that we have and will continue to use for all things money. He helps us invest, book travel, teach about smart money move, and also keeps us accountable. If you are looking for an investor guru, credit advisor, or overall just money mover Ekenna will do it. We talk to him twice a month and develop a straightforward game plan to continue growing our financial independence. Don’t hesitate to give Ekenna your business. This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, and value.

Phillip P.
on August 02, 2021

I met William through a mutual friend who invited me to one of his on-line sessions. I learned more in that session than I have in any of the previous financial or investment seminars I've attended. William was genuinely concerned that he explained the concepts so that everyone understood and was available at the end of the session for questions if needed. the content of the session was of very good quality and very valuable to me as I was needing to make a decision about my future investments. I was so impressed I requested an individual consult and ended up transferring my accounts to Bay Street! I've not regretted my decision and am very pleased to have such a qualified and passionate advisor. I recommended him to my family members and also to the company where I work because of his passion and responsiveness.

Janet Fuqua
on August 02, 2021

When my husband and I started this process, we researched and talked with several different financial advisors. Since our initial meeting, Will and Ekenna have continuously provided superb and personalized service and recommendations that fit with our current situation and align with our short-term and long-term goals. They are responsive and thorough in answering all of our questions and when providing recommendations and advice. I highly recommended working with Bay Street Capital Holdings to take charge of your financial goals!!

Sami W.
on August 01, 2021

I have had a really great experience working with Bay Street Capital and cannot recommend them higher! Both William and Ekenna deliver a great client experience. They have helped set me up my personal finances and are always willing to take the time to educate me on anything I don't understand. They always make themselves available when I need them and I feel very supported working with them.

Shelly C
on July 31, 2021

I've been working with William and Bay Street Capital for the last year now, and it has an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only helping me with my personal finances, but being a great advocate as a small business owner, and being able to set up my employees with the right set of financial tools. They're always super accessible, transparent, and relationship-oriented. Definitely a 5-star experience.

Madison L
on July 30, 2021

Very professional from beginning to end on every transaction! Appreciate the personal service from William and Ekenna!

Mike Lahey
on July 26, 2021

William is hands down the best at his job he answered my call immediately and was so open to hear about my situation and what I wanted to do he really helped open my eyes as I'm only 19 and i want to start doing something early with my life he’s helped pave a way to success. Being am only 19 he still took me in as a client and he really went out his way to talk with me to set up a plan and start investing at an early age he’s really helped open my eyes. I even called other companies/advisors and they either didn't answer or didn't want to take me in as a client . William is literally the best at his job and really takes his time with his clients to suit there needs and make them successful.

Daniel Olague
on July 21, 2021

When William was introduced to our small investment group, he carefully explained his role and ours as investors. He knew many us were beginners. I speak for our group when say how appreciated his approach was. We are learning more and we as we grow we have Will and Bay Street Capital to thank.

Michelle Strongfields
on July 20, 2021

Working with Bay Street Capital Holdings has been an amazing experience. I have been able to have personal calls with my advisor, which is also the founder and get great feedback. They listen to your goals and develop a plan to build a great portafolio. Really recommend working with those guys.

Andres Avendano
on July 15, 2021

William was so helpful every step of the way. Any question I had he answered, which I rarely asked any because he was so thorough in his explanations. He willingly helps you out, so if you ever have questions William is the one!

Alyssen R.
on July 12, 2021

I've been working with Ekenna and William at Bay Street for a little under a year and they have been fantastic. The market was pretty up and down but my finances didn't feel that same fluctuation thanks to William. Additionally, William makes it easy to align my portfolio with companies that reflect my own values!

Anicia S
on July 09, 2021

We had a fantastic experience with the Bay Street team. We were novices in terms of financial planning and investment when we approached Ekana and William. They started off by guiding us in developing a road map of where we needed to go financially and then helped us get started on that path.

Rinchu Mathew
on July 08, 2021

I have been working with Bay Street Capital and Will Huston for about 1 year and have seen a lot of growth in my investments. Will is great about explaining tax implications for all the investments he does for me and that has been super helpful. I highly recommend their team!

Himanshu Sharma
on July 08, 2021

Will and his team are great. They listen to my needs and expectations and prepared a plan to help me achieve my retirement goals. Thanks Bay Street Capital Holdings!

Deena B.
on July 08, 2021

We are very pleased with the service we receive from this business. We have gained money and we know that it is because of our advisor.

Ollie S
on July 07, 2021

Strongly recommend Tony! My husband and I loved partnering with Tony to find the right home for our family. He was knowledgable about the various neighborhoods we looked in and was willing to meet us at various homes even at the last minute. Most importantly for us, Tony was not pushy at all and never put any pressure on us to choose a home or accelerate our process. He was always calm, helpful, and a source of positivity throughout the whole process. We will definitely use Tony again if we choose to move in the future.

Kelly F.
on July 06, 2021

We purchased our first home with Tony. We had a really great experience working with Tony. He is very knowledgeable with different neighborhoods. As we started our search, he suggested some good neighborhoods and list of homes to look at based on our budget and requirements. He was very flexible in his schedule and toured us different houses whenever we asked him and gave us his insightful opinions. He went above and beyond once and came to tour a house even when he was sick. The entire process, starting from the search to the move-in, was very smooth as he helped us at every step. He also helped us fix things at the house before and after the move. He also gave us a good credit by reducing his commission. We would highly recommend him!

Santhosh S.
on July 06, 2021

Absolutely great experience purchasing a home for our family with Tony! The whole process from looking for properties until getting the keys was effortless! Working in the housing field myself, Tony did a great job at giving us the neccessary information on time and he's very knowledgeable about many other things related to real estate. He definitely went the extra miles to help with whatever the need was. I definitely recommend his services! Thank you Tony!

Joseph B.
on July 06, 2021

Tony thank you for helping us find our dream home ! ... You are so patient and understood our like / dislike and needs quickly. Thank you for making our home buying experience a pleasant and peaceful one !

Cliff R.
on July 06, 2021

We purchased our home with Tony. The entire experience was fantastic. He was patient and answered all questions. He shared his opinions frankly and helped us understand better. Especially during the challenging COVID-19 time, Tony made our experience for searching and completing the paperwork very smooth. He also provided contacts for inspection that worked out very well. We highly recommend him for your real estate needs.

Pradeepan R.
on July 06, 2021

Tony is an Excellent agent to deal with. He was my agent as a buyer, He negotiated for me and won the deal, was attentive to every detail. In fact, he was able to sense the market and study the seller and negotiate a great deal. I got the house and got help in getting the seller to fix some minor issues as well. He knew good contractors to help remodel the house, spoke for me and helped get a good interest rate too. He was available during closing, and helped me with a stress free home purchase. Since then, I have recommended many of my friends and all my friends have same review about him. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to win a deal. He also offered help as we needed to move in. The best part is he also gave me a good credit towards closing cost.

Stanley M.
on July 06, 2021

We hired Tony to sell 2 of our houses. He was very responsive and handled everything with care. He also was cheaper than other realtors I had spoke to. I will definitely be working with him when I'm ready to buy my next home!

Bhupinder S.
on July 06, 2021

We purchased our home with Tony, We are really happy with his work, he always help to did step. If you want to buy a house and make the process simple and fast, trust Tony, he will do everything possible so that the house that you like is yours. We highly recommend him. Carlos Diaz and Mirian Rodas

Carlos D.
on July 06, 2021

I bought my first mobile home. Tony helped me through the process and all the paperwork very easy to communicate he also helped me with every single question I had. I highly recommend him for any real estate process I will definitely contact him again if I need it on the feature. Thanks Tony

Alejandro Q.
on July 06, 2021

Mr. Tony Thomas has been an outstanding real estate professional. He provided us best service and guided us in the right direction during our new home purchase on March 23, 2021. I would recommend Mr.Tony to all who require honest assistance in their home buying process. Thank you Jojo

Jo M.
on July 06, 2021

Thank you Tony for helping us to find our Home !. I absolutely enjoyed working with Tony. Tony is a transparent, honest, hard-working man. He is so patient in answering all our questions and gave us a smooth experience in buying our home. He also gave me a great credit to cover up some of the cost. I definitely recommend his service.

Senthil Nathan T.
on July 06, 2021

Tony helped us find, negotiate, purchase, and settle into our new home in Los Altos. He did an amazing job every step of the way. His calm and methodical approach gave us peace of mind at each milestone. The entire experience can be directly attributed to his ability to navigate this complex market, all while ensuring both parties are satisfied with the deal.

William H.
on July 06, 2021

Tony helped me to get my dream home. From the starting of my deal, he handled everything very well and also negotiated so much for me from the seller. Very responsive and quick in answering all my doubts with patience. He guided me every single step as I don't know any of the process. Thanks so much for helping me. Such a wonderful person to work with. I would highly recommend Tony for buying and selling.

Naga L
on July 06, 2021

Tony was outstanding and professional as our agent. Tony helped us buy our first house in San Jose. Being a first time homebuyer, we were unaware of the process and nervous, but Tony was excellent, friendly and knowledgable. He was always available to answer any questions during the process, never too pushy and helped us with great guidance through the entire purchasing process. He also helped us negotiate a great deal on the home. If you're looking for a real estate agent, we highly recommend Tony.

Priam F
on July 06, 2021

Tony is pretty great! He helped us find our dream home. We started looking for houses in late April and moved in to our beautiful house in mid June. Starting right from which houses to go look in person till after the move, Tony was very attentive to every single detail. He tracked every house we saw, our opinion on it, probability of buying it etc. in a really personal way. He was not just a facilitator for our online searches. He was a great listener offering his opinions at all the right times, pointing out things we had missed, negotiating really well on behalf of us. We had hiccups before closing because of unforeseen issues. But he knew exactly how to handle the situation. Even during the loan process, he was offering solutions every step of the way. His confidence during the negotiation, the whole process and his diligence with the documentation made the closing so much smoother and stress-free than it would have been. His reduced commission was a huge bonus, given the level of service he was providing. It helped us with our closing costs and took that stress away from us too. He is very knowledgeable and answered the silliest to the most complex of questions we had. He made sure that we were sure of the steps that we were taking, never pushing us into deals. He even offered to help after we moved in. He is not just our agent anymore, he is our friend!

Thasneem F.
on July 06, 2021

Bay Street has given returns on my portfolio way above par. William's insight into forecasting future returns based on industry and individual company trends is truly amazing. How William explains his logic is easy to understand and leaves on with comfort that the investment portfolio s well managed and balanced.

Michael K
on July 06, 2021

Friendly and easy to talk to! They are very open to suggestions and put your own goals above theirs.

Ryan Xu
on May 12, 2021

I have been recently working with Bay Street Capital holdings, and have been impressed with the service. They work one on one with you. If I were to give them a review, I would say - “your success is their success” this is how they operate. To make you succeed in you investment by giving you valuable suggestion.

Stanley Matthew
on July 15, 2020

I consider William Huston to be not only a terrific financial advisor, but a terrific guy. It's been great to have a business and personal relationship with someone who can be trusted.

Al Mollica
on July 06, 2020

William is a consummate professional and very insightful. His advice will be invaluable to all levels of investors.

Peter Nguyen
on July 03, 2020

Amazing team, very professional, responsive and quality service. Will and his team brought a great value and I highly recommand.

Raju G
on June 08, 2020

They will take their time to explain things to you always with a smile.

Orlando Alvarez
on May 04, 2020

William is very easy to speak with and a great local resource.

Jesse Ebner
on April 13, 2020

William Huston is very professional and trustworthy

Mark Meyers
on March 31, 2020