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Famous Female Financial Advisors

William Huston, AIF®, AIFA®

William Huston, AIF®, AIFA®

Famous Female Financial Advisors

The investment industry is rapidly changing as more women become affluent investors and highly ranked financial and wealth advisors in a male dominated industry.

female financial advisors

According to McKinsey & Company, it is predicted that by 2030, American women will control more of the $30 trillion in financial assets that baby boomers will possess as a result of wealth transfer. That means that working with female clients will be a key contributor to the growth of investment and wealth management firms.

According to a Zippia, women financial advisors in the U.S. make up only 27.7% of all finance advisors. With more wealthy female investors preferring to work with female financial advisors, there is a great opportunity for more women to take up space in the financial advisory space.

Key Points
  • Women financial advisors in the U.S. make up roughly 27.7% of all finance advisors
  • Many female investors prefer working with female financial advisors and the prediction is that by 2030, American women will control more of the $30 trillion in financial assets that baby boomers will possess as a result of wealth transfer
  • Famous female financial advisors include: Ila Corcoran, Colleen O'Callaghan, Deborah Montaperto, Gillian Yu, Holly Newman Kroft, Karen McDonald, Mellody Hobson, Susan Kaplan, Suze Orman, Valerie Newell

The contents of this article are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to be a source of professional financial advice. You will find experts on financial planning, financial management, and real estate here. More on disclaimers here.

Who is a Financial Advisor?

female financial advisor and client

A financial advisor is a professional who provides financial advice or services to clients, be it to individuals, businesses or corporates regarding their financial position.

In most countries, one is usually required to undergo specialized training and be registered under a regulatory body in order to provide these financial services. Financial services can touch on areas that include tax planning, insurance planning, investment management and private wealth management.

Here are some top women in the financial advisory industry that you need to know.

Top Women Financial Advisors

1. Ila Corcoran

Ila Corcoran

Ila Corcoran is the SVP of Real Estate Operations and a licensed Investment Advisor representative at Bay Street Capital Holdings. She started out her real estate career in apartment leasing then moved to commercial real estate and then she found her passion in residential real estate. Here, she saw the potential to help Americans create security through housing and homeownership.

So far, Ila has closed $10.4M in real estate and secured more than $2.2M in AUM during her first 6 months at Bay Street Capital Holdings. She also manages acquisitions for the newly launched private equity fund, Resthaven Properties.

As the travel industry grows, over $109B is spent annually by Black travelers, while less than 1% goes to black-owned hospitality organizations. As an avid traveler and conscious consumer, Ila understands the needs of the diverse community for safe & accessible accommodations and has supported Resthaven in amassing allocations of $25M from like-minded investors as well as acquiring multiple properties.

If you would like to schedule a session with Ila, get in touch with her here.

2. Colleen O'Callaghan

Colleen O'Callaghan

Colleen O'Callaghan is a Managing Director and Wealth Partner with J.P. Morgan Wealth Management. She is also a founding member of The O'Callaghan Thomas Group where she works with ultra-high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, families and corporate executives to help them with their complex financial planning needs.

She works to develop tailor made strategies to address her clients' specific needs and help them reach their financial goals. In 2022, she was recognized by Barron's as among the top women financial advisors.

3. Deborah Montaperto

Deborah Montaperto

Deborah Montaperto is a Managing Director and Private Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management as well as a a Partner of The Polk Group at Graystone Consulting.

As a Private Wealth Advisor, she is in charge of strategic business development and executing liability management transactions for her clients. She has also developed the family advisory platform where she helps affluent families with financial planning.

In 2022, she was named among Barron’s Top 100 Advisors and Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors.

4. Gillian Yu

Gillian Yu

Gillian Yu is a Managing Director, Private Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management.

Her main focus is to provide wealth management services to high net worth individuals and families who live across the border, specifically in Asia or the United States or a combination of both. These wealth management strategies and solutions are custom made for her clients so that they're able to achieve their financial and philanthropic goals.

In 2022 she was named among Barron's Top 100 Financial Advisors.

5. Holly Newman Kroft

Holly Newman Kroft

Holly Newman Kroft is a Senior Wealth Advisor and Managing Director at Neuberger Berman. With 28 years of experience, she works closely with ultra-high net worth families to help them develop personalized investment solutions to help them with their estate planning needs.

She also works with endowments and foundations to help them with their investment needs, risk assessment and asset allocation.

In 2022 she was named among Barron's Top Women Financial Advisors.

6. Karen McDonald

Karen McDonald

Karen McDonald is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Combined, she has $180+ billion in assets under management. With 40+ years of experience under her belt, she works with clients to help them in areas such as portfolio management for both individuals and small businesses, financial planning, provision of educational seminars, portfolio management for businesses and pension consulting services.

In addition to being a financial advisor, she also puts a lot of focus on educating her team in order to enable them make higher monetary selections.

In 2022, she was recognized by Barron's among the Top Women Financial Advisors.

7. Mellody Hobson

Mellody Hobson

Mellody Hobson is an American businesswoman who is not only the co-CEO and President of Ariel Investments which is a mutual fund company & investment management firm based in Chicago, but she's also chairperson of the Board of Starbucks Corporation as well a Director of JPMorgan Chase.

As Co-CEO, Mellody is responsible for management, strategic planning and growth for all areas of Ariel Investments outside of research and portfolio management. She believes in and heavily advocates for financial literacy among Black Americans.

In 2022, she was recognized among Barron’s 100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance

8. Susan Kaplan

Susan Kaplan

Susan is the President of Kaplan Financial Services and a Certified Financial Planner. previously se served as the President and Chairman of the Board for the Institute of Certified Financial Planners in Boston for four consecutive years. She was also the head of the internship program at Boston University’s Financial Planning program for 10 years.

Together with her team, they work with clients to help them with retirement planning, investment management, tax planning, and estate planning.

In 2022, she was recognized by Barron's among the Top Women Financial Advisors.

9. Suze Orman

Suze Orman

Suze Orman is one of the experts in the financial advisory world who is among the highly recognized financial advisors in the US.

She is among the #1 New York bestselling authors, specifically in the area of personal finance. Some of the books that she's written include: Women & Money, The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke among others. Currently, there are over 25 million copies of her books in circulation and they are available in 12 languages all over the world.

For 13 years, she hosted The Suze Orman Show on CNBC. Suze also hosts her podcast by the name Women & Money where she empowers her listeners to take charge of their destiny through proper financial management in order to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

10. Valerie Newell

Valerie Newell

Valerie is a Principal and Senior Wealth Advisor at Mariner Wealth Advisors. She specializes in working with high-net-worth individuals, families and retirees to help them with investment management, financial planning, legacy planning and retirement planning.

Previously, she co-founded RiverPoint Capital Management and served as its Chairman. In 2012, the firm joined forces with Mariner Wealth Advisors .

In 2022, she was recognized by Barron's among America’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors.

Bay Street Capital Holdings

Bay Street Capital Holdings

Bay Street Capital Holdings is an independent investment advisory, wealth management, and financial planning firm headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. The firm was founded by William Huston after 13 years of supporting the United States' largest retirement plan ($650B) Thrift Savings Plan.

Bay Street manages portfolios with the goal of maintaining and increasing total assets and income with a high priority on managing total risk and volatility. The company was founded to advocate for diverse and emerging fund managers and entrepreneurs.

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