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In 2018, the US Housing and Urban Development rated an income of $117,000 per year in San Francisco and Marin counties as low-income. As of August 2021, the consumer price index (CPI) in these cities increased by 3.7% from the previous year, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Given this high cost of living in the Bay Area, it is evident that residents face distinct financial challenges. And this emphasizes the need to hire an experienced financial advisor who can provide advice and expertise in dealing with these complex financial situation

William Huston, AIF®, AIFA®

William Huston, AIF®, AIFA®

Whether your financial objectives include homeownership, saving for your children's higher education, or retirement planning, selecting the appropriate financial advisory firm such as Bay Street Capital Holdings is paramount. A seasoned financial advisor can guide you through any financial hurdles and create custom strategies to reach your goals, even when the economy changes.

This blog highlights the best financial advisory firms in the Bay Area that can help you achieve financial well-being.

Key Takeaways
  • For Bay Area residents, rising household expenses, such as housing and education costs, makes the need for expert financial planning non-negotiable.
  • Leading financial advisory firms in the Bay Area include Bay Street Capital Holdings, CareGen Wealth Management, Hall Capital Partners, Jordan Park Group, KB Financial Advisors, Osterweis Capital Management, Parallel Advisors, Perigon Wealth Management, Robertson Stephens Wealth Management, and Seven Post Investment Office.
  • In addition to general financial planning services such as retirement planning and insurance planning, these firms provide expert guidance and tailored strategies to stabilize finances in expensive cities such as the Bay Area.

The contents of this article are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to be a source of professional financial advice. You will find experts on financial planning and financial management here.

Best Financial Advisors in San Francisco Bay Area

From San Francisco to San Jose, the following are the top financial advisory firms in the Bay area that you should certainly consider working with.

Bay Street Capital Holdings
Bay Street Capital Holdings

Bay Street Capital Holdings is a well known financial planning and investment management firm that offers comprehensive wealth management services to residents of the Bay Area. The firm brings together a team of fiduciary advisors, certified financial planners, and Realtors to provide full-orbed financial services to every client.

The firm was established and is led by William Huston, a fiduciary financial advisor and a three-time consecutive recipient of Investopedia's Top 100 Financial Advisors award. Bay Street is one of two Black-owned firms among the nineteen distinguished firms recognized in California.

The firm's services include tax planning, investment advice, and wealth management. They employ investment vehicles such as private equities and venture capitals, and the team emphasizes on carefully managing financial risk and dealing with market changes.

In the real estate world, Bay Street's partnership with Resthaven Properties earned them recognition as finalists at the 2023 WealthManagement.com Industry Awards in the prestigious Asset Managers: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion category.

The firm's dedication to positive social change as well as their commitment to diversity was further recognized when they ranked as finalists in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category for Asset Manager in 2021 among 900+ firms.

Their services are available to a broad client base. No matter your financial goals and objectives, Bay Street's advisors offer comprehensive financial planning and portfolio management services to meet your needs.

To fully benefit from their services, you can schedule an appointment with Ekenna Anya-Gafu, a Certified Financial Planner and President of Wealth Management.

CareGen Wealth Management
CareGen Wealth Management

CareGen Wealth Management focuses on solving complicated problems that often have components relating to time, money, investments, taxes, values, and relationships.

The lead advisor's main goal is to empower clients to understand their options, make the most of their resources, and ultimately forge better financial outcomes for themselves and the people they care about.

Hall Capital Partners
Hall Capital Partners

Hall Capital Partners LLC provides expert investment services to institutional investors, and primarily caters to affluent families, high net worth individuals, and their private foundations.

While the firm doesn't specify a fixed minimum investment requirement, a majority of its clients are accredited investors that meet specific income or asset thresholds. And, for most client relationships, they advise on portfolios that exceed $100 million in investment assets.

The dedicated team at Hall Capital Partners focuses on creating customized portfolios for each client. They utilize asset classes such as global equities, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity, and cash. Their services also accommodate clients who consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decision-making.

Jordan Park Group
Jordan Park Group

Jordan Park Group is a firm that specializes in offering investment management and financial planning services to high net worth individuals, families, and various institutions, including foundations, charitable organizations, and pooled investment vehicles.

They provide a comprehensive range of services, including family office solutions that involve tasks such as bill payment, tax and insurance analysis, budgeting, forecasting, charitable giving, and estate planning.

Jordan Park Group employs a discretionary approach when managing clients' funds. This means that clients grant advisors the authority to make informed trading decisions on their behalf. The firm primarily invests client assets in three key ways: separately managed accounts, direct investment in external vehicles, and pooled investment vehicles.

Additionally, they have a proficient advisory team which assists interested clients to align their investments with their values, particularly in areas related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.

KB Financial Advisors
KB Financial Advisors

KB Financial Advisors has been dedicated to serving tech industry professionals in San Francisco, CA, and nearby areas since 2002. Their experienced financial advisors specialize in delivering comprehensive wealth management services, creating customized financial plans for young professionals, and providing expert guidance on IPO planning.

Jackie Kleinman, a distinguished Certified Financial Planner, heads the team at KB Financial Advisors, and together they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to serve the firm's client base.

Their expertise and services cover tasks such as stock option analysis and stock option strategies for tax return preparation. This helps to keep clients well-informed about their financial affairs.

Osterweis Capital Management
Osterweis Capital Management

John Osterweis founded Osterweis Capital Management with the primary purpose of managing funds for wealthy families, foundations, endowments, and various institutions. Currently, the Osterweis Capital Management team predominantly provides portfolio management services to individuals with substantial assets.

The firm offers specific financial planning services, including the creation of personal net worth statements, cash flow analysis, and the generation of various reports to help clients define their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Osterweis Capital Management follows a fundamental investment approach and typically utilizes managed accounts to invest client funds in five core strategies. Clients have the option to further customize these strategies to align with their specific financial objectives and risk tolerance.

The firm's investment portfolios mainly consist of stocks, bonds, or a combination of both, with a primary focus on U.S. stocks. International equities are also considered as a supplementary option.

Parallel Advisors
Parallel Advisors

Parallel Advisors, LLC is a wealth management firm located in San Francisco, California, offering a range of financial services such as investment management, retirement planning, financial planning, tax preparation, estate planning, and insurance.

While Parallel Advisors typically requires a minimum fee of $3,000 for its investment advisory services, it is recommended that clients have a minimum of $240,000 in investable assets to ensure that their fee remains below 2% of their managed assets. For individuals who are new to investing, the firm provides an automated online investment program that only requires a $5,000 account balance.

Parallel Advisors mainly allocates client funds to a diversified portfolio consisting of various fixed-income securities, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Additionally, the firm collaborates with independent managers.

When managing client accounts, Parallel Advisors has discretionary control, allowing its team to make daily trading decisions without needing client approval.

Perigon Wealth Management, LLC

Perigon Wealth Management is an investment advisory firm which provides services to individuals, trusts, estates, businesses, and retirement plans. Their offerings include investment management, financial planning, automated investment advisory, consulting services, and retirement plan advisory services.

Perigon Wealth Management uses two approaches for client accounts: independent managers or placement into one of their model portfolios. The firm's investment choices encompass mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and options contracts.

To cater to a variety of client investment goals, Perigon employs a mix of core and non-core investment strategies, each designed to achieve specific objectives. Core strategies form the foundation of a client's portfolio, which primarily use large-cap U.S. securities. The remaining assets are allocated to non-core strategies, which complement the risk-adjusted return.

Robertson Stephens Wealth Management
Robertson Stephens

Robertson Stephens Wealth Management offers a range of services, including wealth planning, portfolio management, advisor selection, advisory consulting, and family office support.

The firm works with a diverse client base, including individuals, both with and without high net worth, as well as pooled investment vehicles, charitable organizations, and businesses. In light of a client's specific financial situation, investment objectives, and risk tolerance, the team creates customized asset allocations per client.

The team provides various investment strategies, which might involve third-party money managers or investing in model portfolios created by the firm. While the firm's investment committee oversees, advises on, and approves investment recommendations, the ultimate suitability of recommendations is determined by advisors.

Seven Post Investment Office
Seven Post

Seven Post Investment Office provides investment management, financial planning, and family office services primarily to high net worth individuals and institutions. Typically, the firm prefers to work with clients who possess investable assets exceeding $100 million, and they maintain a minimum portfolio requirement of at least $50 million.

Seven Post Investment Office generally assumes day-to-day management responsibility for a client's account, known as a discretionary relationship. Once the team achieves a proper understanding of the client's goals, risk tolerance, and other factors influencing their portfolio, an advisor at Seven Post Investment Office proposes a personalized asset allocation and portfolio.

Advisors at the firm make fundamental investments the core of client portfolios, and then supplement them with additional strategies which are tailored to the client's needs and risk tolerance. The firm often collaborates with third-party managers and model portfolio providers to incorporate external recommendations.

Financial services for your success

financial advisors

Whether you are an employee, business owner, or partner in a firm, financial planning and financial advisory services are integral to your success. Working with skilled financial consultants who provide comprehensive services can simplify your journey to financial freedom.

The following are integral financial planning tasks for which you need expert help.

Insurance planning

Insurance planning is a crucial element of financial well-being as it provides a safety net to protect individuals and their assets from unforeseen events, such as accidents, illnesses, or natural disasters.

By strategically selecting and managing insurance policies, individuals can safeguard their financial well-being and ensure their long-term financial goals remain intact in the face of unexpected challenges.

Retirement planning

Retirement planning is a fundamental pillar of financial well-being, as it ensures individuals can maintain their desired lifestyle and cover expenses when they are no longer earning an income. By diligently saving and investing for retirement, you can achieve financial security and peace of mind during your golden years.

Wealth Management
bay area wealth managers

As a wider approach to handling finances, wealth management addresses all aspects of your finances, including taxes, investments, estate planning, accounting, and retirement.

Beyond the planning process, wealth management takes a proactive approach, and ensures you maximize the potential of every dollar. Such optimal financial management can only be done with the help of financial experts.

Investment Management

Investment management services also play a vital role in achieving financial success. Investment advisors carefully allocate and manage assets to generate returns that align with an individual's or institution's financial goals.

Professional investment management can optimize the growth of wealth over time while minimizing risks. This makes it a cornerstone of financial prosperity.

Business Succession Planning

The long-term success of a business depends on having a robust plan for passing leadership to the next generation. A business succession plan prevents internal conflicts and protects your company in case leadership changes unexpectedly.

Fiduciary financial advisors such as William Huston are skilled in managing this process and keeping key members of the team accountable. He is one of the best financial advisors in the Bay Area.

You can arrange a meeting with Will to benefit from his expertise and that of the entire team.







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