Aligning University Missions, Values, and Visions Through Tailored ESG Options

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The need for universities to work with advisors that are capable of researching, curating and incorporating #ESG options without all of the marketing fluff is greater than ever.

The problem is two-fold:

  1. Although the primary focus for minority universities is to adequately equip their students to excel after graduation, often their investment policies and options are not aligned to support those they seek to serve. As a result, all three parties (the university, the faculty and staff, and the students) are done a disservice when they are not able to invest defined contribution plans (403b, 401k, 457s etc) and endowments in funds that are aligned with their mission.
  2. Additionally, most minority-serving institutions are charged higher fees and provided fewer options due to the relatively small size of their total asset base. Most pay 20-30% more in fees for generic plans that do not even factor in the vision of the university.

At BSCH, we specialize in working with universities that are focused on improving investment options by reducing fees, increasing investment options, and establishing what constitutes appropriate ESG

  • rush to win market share with no substance
  • a lot of promises with no rigorous system in place
  • usually 15x more expensive than traditional ETF
  • Meaning a ESG of 100m is more profitable than a 1B ETF.
  • bc there is little agreement over what constitutes ESG, Universities should take a tailored approach to determining the appropriate mix of companies.
William Huston, AIF®, AIFA®
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