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Marketing Coordinator

Muyiwa Monehin is a copywriter and blogger for Bay Street Capital Holdings. His professional writing career spans over half a decade and straddles both business and academics. Previous works include creating copies for businesses across various industries (for example, clinical trials in the healthcare industry), as well as articles for Wikipedia. He writes to put individuals on the professional map and promote awareness of businesses and corporations.

Muyiwa is of Nigerian descent and grew up in the suburbs of one of the country's top cultural and political hubs, Lagos. The enriching interactions with people from a wide range of communities and the constant exposure to varying worldviews and approaches to life spurred his passion for communication. To him, writing is the art of grasping and communicating ideas and practices in all their nuanced variations.

Muyiwa received his bachelor's degree in Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), but with encouragement from friends who recognized his sharpened communication skills, he took a turn to follow the copywriting path. His writing career developed from learning to journal his ideas, which are themselves the fruits of deep reflections that often border on life's big questions.

He brings that same sagacity for careful reasoning into professional content creation and idea generation. His work at Bay Street gives clients and partner organizations short and long-term insights that enable them to make healthy financial decisions. Currently, Muyiwa resides in Lagos and is fully engaged in his copywriting work.