Mia Levu

Director of Property Management


Mia is responsible for overseeing administrative operations across Bay Street Capital Holdings' growing portfolio of residential and commercial vacation properties. As Head of Property Management, she oversees the transition and integration of new property acquisitions. Mia works concurrently with Bay Street's investor relations team in developing and maintaining board presentations, marketing material, and web content.

Mia brings a diverse set of experiences from her previous roles in sales and client relations as an assistant sales manager at a local pharmaceutical company based in Houston, Texas.Additionally, she served as an Amazon consultant specializing in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) with a focus on the launching of new product listings, logistics and fulfillment, and PPC campaigns.

Outside of her professional life, Mia is a tenacious, highly driven individual with a zest to continually build upon her scope of skills. During her leisure time, she enjoys playing pool and mountain biking.

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