Sunserae Smith

Head of Art Investment Fund & Collection Management


• 8 years of management in sustainable finance and economic development programs, grant evaluation, impact measurement, investor relations, public outreach and business strategy.

• 11 years of research and development, policy and economic analysis with research focus on emerging markets, economic growth, private sector solutions, social entrepreneurship, education, housing, financial inclusion and health.

• 13 years of high-dollar donor fundraising, capital raised and grant making for social impact organizations interfacing with institutional investors, family office and venture capitalists on deal structures and creative financing mechanisms for impact enterprises.

• 1 year as a master student examining climate change, global warming, corporate social responsibility, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), poverty alleviation, research methods, data visualization, emerging & frontier markets, culture and socio-economic issues in the 21st century.

• 20 years studying architecture, city planning and political economy.

• Diverse background across multiple disciplines in government, nonprofit, and private sectors in Anguilla, Caribbean; Berkeley, CA; Chowchilla, CA; Copenhagen, DK; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Houma, LA; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; Newark, NJ; New York, NY; Oakland, CA; Rio de Janeiro, BR; San Francisco, CA; Turks and Caicos; Washington, D.C.

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