Nimotalai Ganiyu

Director of Marketing


Born in Chicago, Nimotalai Ganiyu was raised in Milwaukee by her Nigerian father and African American mother who encouraged her to challenge the status quo and become the woman that she wanted to be -- even if it meant shaking things up. From a young age, she had set her sights on the West Coast, so after one year at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, she moved to LA. Soon after compiling credits and graduating from Los Angeles City College, she gained her first agency internship at Paradigm. Before starting her internship, Nimotalai had successfully transferred to her dream school, UCLA, where she majored in African American Studies and minored in History. As a first-generation college student paving her way in LA, Nimotalai worked at UCLA as a sales supervisor, continually learning the value of both hard work and education. While completing her degree, she co-founded her own media company along with two female athletes, Top Five, which was created to shine a light on mental health, stigmas and inequalities within collegiate athletics.

After graduation, Nimotalai landed a support role working for business and marketing trailblazer Bozoma Saint John, for whom she fulfilled both executive and personal assistant responsibilities. As Saint John’s first personal assistant, Nimotalai created organizational systems from scratch and gained a “no task too small” attitude that would instill in her the skills and mindset necessary to one day manage artists. Working for Saint John, a Ghanaian-American, was an empowering experience that showed Nimotalai that there were no limits to what she could accomplish as an African woman.

In 2020, Nimotalai found her new home at LVRN, where she served as Project Manager and Junior Manager. As part of her day-to-day, she managed Grammy-nominated singer, rapper and songwriter 6LACK, as well as artist, DJ and producer, Kitty Ca$h. Amongst other projects, one that she is most proud of is having worked from start to finish on the Rémy Martin and 6LACK collaboration that aired during the Grammys 2021.

As often as possible Nimotalai travels the world. She is passionate about the African Diaspora, fashion sustainability, and mental health. When she considers how far she’s come, she credits her consistency and perseverance: success doesn’t come overnight, and she believes that the hard work she puts in today is her foundation for tomorrow.

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