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Investment Advisor

Denisse Arebalo is a Financial Adviser who works closely with clients to guide and support them as they achieve their financial goals. Denisse has managed books of clients of up to $1 billion in assets and has worked with individuals, companies, and foundations. Through her work in Silicon Valley, she has learned to navigate the unique situations that start-ups and newly wealthy individuals face as they begin to build their wealth.

Denisse was born in Mexico but was largely raised in Southern California. During her elementary and middle school years, she moved ahead of her peers by three grades. Upon graduating high school, she finished a year ahead and earned a full year's worth of college credits before moving on to college. She attended high school in the early 2000's and began to take part in her school's efforts to advance technologically. When she was just 15 years old, she joined a small group of students who were eventually given the responsibility of designing, creating, and implementing a computer network for the high school. This network spanned approximately 550 computers and laptops, as well as a main server to support the entire network. She learned the ins and out of the systems and processes, earning the equivalent of a computer networking degree and obtaining three years of hands-on experience before graduating in 2003. Upon graduation, Denisse joined the workforce in the financial industry until 2006, at which point she began a job with a private lender in Southern California. The intention was to join the IT team, since the company was transitioning from a series of small local networks to a server that covered the entire company, including dozens of locations throughout the region. Always eager to learn and taking the initiative, she caught the attention of one of the owners of the company and was promoted to District Manager of the San Diego region. She began to work with the company to manage and optimize the profits,

expenses, and losses. Denisse excelled at increasing the company's bottom line and was instrumental in setting up training programs for employees, managers, and regional managers. Many of the training and procedures pioneered by Denisse are still being used by the company today. After 12 years of working with the company's finances, Denisse realized she wanted to bring this insight and expertise to individuals as well. She went back to school to earn her degree in Economics and joined TD Ameritrade's Financial Consultant Development Academy. She was one of 20 candidates chosen out of thousands of applicants nationwide. Denisse earned her Series 7 and Series 66 Iicenses through this academy and began working as a Financial Consultant at TD Ameritrade first and then Charles Schwab.

Denisse initially came to Bay Street as a consultant in 2021 but decided to become an adviser in 2022. She has been working directly with clients since and enjoys bringing her expertise to Bay Street's clients. Through her work, Denisse aims to bridge the gap between sound financial decisions and personal fulfillment, allowing clients to make decisions and take actions they can truly feel good about.